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Collaboration is an important component of Zalicus' business strategy.  Zalicus forms collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as US government agencies, to support the development and commercialization of select product candidates generated by our discovery technologies.  Zalicus has multiple revenue-generating collaborations and continues to leverage its proprietary discovery technologies with ongoing research collaborations that provide access to additional development, financial and commercial resources. 


Our collaboration partners include:




In May 2009, Zalicus and Novartis entered into a strategic alliance focused on the discovery of novel anti-cancer combinations. The collaboration explores combination effects in cell lines representing a broad spectrum of cancers to provide a robust and systematic understanding of combination therapy opportunities. The alliance also explores important differences in response by cancer type, including genotype and other mutational differences. Each party will contribute compounds from its compound library and evaluate the anti-cancer effects by utilizing the Zalicus proprietary combination high throughput screening (cHTS™) platform and Chalice analyzer software.


Under the agreement, Zalicus received a $4 million upfront payment and funding for research support for two years. In addition, for each combination advanced to the market from the collaboration, Zalicus is eligible to receive up to $58 million in clinical, regulatory and commercial milestones. The alliance had an initial two-year term that may be extended by Novartis for three additional one-year periods and has been renewed into October 2014. Zalicus retains the right to conduct oncology research on its own behalf as well as partner with others in the field of oncology.



In January 2006, Zalicus entered into a research and license agreement with Fovea Pharmaceuticals SA, now a division of Sanofi, in which Sanofi will fund and develop selected Zalicus product candidates for ophthalmic diseases including Prednisporin™/FOV1101, a product candidate being developed by Sanofi to treat allergic conjunctivitis. Under the agreement, Sanofi received an exclusive worldwide license to Prednisporin/FOV1101 and certain other drug combinations to treat allergic and inflammatory diseases of the front of the eye. Sanofi has advanced Prednisporin/FOV1101 through Phase 2b clinical development for persistent allergic conjunctivitis. For Prednisporin/FOV1101, Zalicus has received payments totaling $1.5 million, and is eligible to receive up to $39 million in development and regulatory milestone payments. Zalicus is also eligible to receive royalties on net sales of Prednisporin/FOV1101 by Sanofi.



If you have business development inquiries regarding our product candidates, utilizing our cHTS technology platform, or our selective ion channel modulation platform, please contact