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cHTS Technology

Treating Disease through Multiple Biological Pathways


It is widely accepted that the biological pathways fundamental in many serious diseases are highly complex with individual cell types containing a unique network of pathways. We believe that we may be able to create powerful new therapeutics to treat complicated diseases by using combinations of drugs to simultaneously target multiple pathways within a cellular network.


A Powerful Platform for Combination Screening

To realize the opportunity of combination therapy, Zalicus has created a fully integrated and highly automated system of customized hardware and software for combination high throughput screening (cHTS™) in phenotypic mammalian cell based assays. This technology platform coupled with our vast library of molecules covering the most important targets in human disease enables exhaustive combination screening. Together with an analysis platform capable of recognizing and quantifying synergistic drug combinations and integrating complex disease, pathway, target and drug information, our platform enables the discovery of new combination biology and the identification of specific combinations of drugs with the potential to treat serious diseases by simultaneously modulating multiple biological pathways. Our cHTS platform is being used to discover additional product candidates for our pipeline and to supplement the pipelines of our collaboration partners.